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Build prospective
talent profiles

To begin, we create a talent profile centered on job responsibilities that we record during the initial brainstorming meeting with you and your team.

Utilize multi-faceted

Then, we use a multi-faceted method of email, social media, phone and text, even carrier pigeons if needed, to track down the most talented personnel seeking a new career opportunity.

Screen and qualify
potential candidates

Finally, we determine if candidates are eligible for the job based on a thorough prequalification screening. Once a candidate passes our screening, we send them to you and help with the process of setting up interviews until we have found you the perfect match. We boast an excellent network of today’s top performers and are confident we can find you the next integral member of your team.

We’re leading the way through reliability, honesty, and perseverance.

We saw a lack of personality and personability in the recruitment process as well as very little white-glove treatment for clients in our industry. We vowed to do this job better, and we continually seek to improve relationships and deliver better results to our clients.

ProNet Partner, Michael Sauvageau

Globally, 54% of companies say that they are experiencing a talent shortage. Talent shortages are increasing around the world, with the greatest year-over-year increases in the U.S., Sweden, Finland, Hungary, and Slovenia. (Source)

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“Michael is an amazing resource when it comes to finding high-profile, reliable engineers. One of the few recruiters I know, that doesn’t flood you with irrelevant resumes. He’s all about quality over quantity which saved me an indefinite amount of hours.”

Patrick Przybilla – Senior Director of Engineering at CribChain

“I worked with Michael to land a role with a local company in South Florida. In a nutshell, he quickly identified my background as being a good fit for the role and made the connections quickly that allowed me to land the role. I personally can attest to Michael’s dedication to helping the people he supports to meet the goals they set for themselves. He is efficient, communicates well, knowledgeable, and responds quickly to all requests. If I am ever in the need for a new position I would gladly work with him again.”

Mylton Palmer – Information Technology Services Manager

“Michael is truly a people person and sincerely interested in helping people in their job search. He is always a pleasure to work with, and it didn’t feel like work, more like a conversation with a good friend, however always professional, responsive, and knowledgeable. I wish there were more recruiters like Michael.”

Natasha Chernavska – Certified SAFe 4 Agilist / Product Manager / Product Owner / Scrum Master / UI/UX Manager


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